Janitorial Services

Our janitorial service providing professionals are trained to the highest of standards. Each member of the staff has thorough knowledge plus experience in cleaning commercial buildings. Our services include:

 Emptying trash bins
 Cleaning wooden floors
 Shampooing carpets
 Dusting & polishing furniture
 Spot cleaning
 Dusting horizontal blinds
 Cleaning window coverings
 Cleaning glass windows & doors
 Dusting air vents

Our experts ensure quality assurance that the job is done properly and thoroughly every time.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet of a commercial place adds elegance and grace making it look presentable and inviting. Unfortunately, it gets dirty and develops stain and traps dust particles. With Global Cleaning Inc, services you get:

 Instant solution to give carpet a whole new look
 Quality and timely service
 Increases life-span of your carpet
 Superior results
 Emergency assistance

Our proficient carpet cleaners use the latest and most effective & powerful cleaning products. Dust & dirt can’t escape our professional workers eyes.

Floor Maintenance

Our expert floor maintenance technique penetrates deep into the pores to remove dirt from smooth as well as uneven floors. Using our sealers, we aim at resisting microbial contamination in order to keep the tiles bacteria free. Our team of professionals use a sealer and gloss finish that:

 Keeps the floor look like new
 Reduces marks & scratches
 Protects against abrasion
 Extends life of the floor
 Guards against soil penetration

Every inch of the floor is polished to a high shine regularly.

Window Cleaning

Global Cleaning Inc. provides high quality window cleaning services at affordable price. Our labor force is trained to maintain the safest work environment, irrespective of the type of window. To maintain our rigid safety standards, we use the best and latest cleaning products and equipments. Some of our best offered services include:

 Low-rise window cleaning
 Hard stains removal
 Metal frame cleaning

Our cleaners employ a variety of solutions to give your commercial property the perfect blend of appearance and operations.

High pressure Cleaning

Global Cleaning Inc. gives a fresh look to a commercial property through the very effective hard surface pressure cleaning techniques. With a zeal to provide standard solutions, our professionals provide services such as:

 Exterior Washing
 Protective Sealing
 Hard surface cleaning

We provide our cleaners with a wide range of pressure cleaning equipments, which efficiently perform a vast array of tasks. Our machines are modern and capable of offering a variety of temperatures, be it cold, hot or steam.

Upholstery Cleaning

Be it sofas, desk chairs, partitions or other commercial upholstered furniture, each of these are used a lot. Our professional services will make your corporate furniture look and feel like new. With us you can expect:

 Less aggressive method for short piled carpets
 The most advanced cleaning method in the industry
 Dry cleaning
 Hot water extraction

Our certified cleaning products are engineered to be used with every type of upholstery. We provide instant, latest and long-lasting assistance.